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Case Study: Toolless Rubber Plaster Molding (RPM)


Today, I would like to have an opportunity to explain a new process that we {Armstrong RM} have developed. Perhaps by now you have seen our Rubber Plaster Molding process promotional video. But today {I will show} resulting casting from that process...and opportunity to explain that we have an alternative way of getting a customer to market quickly...designing and debugging in a fast-track prototype way.

That same geometry produced by a lost model approach; whereby we are taking a customer's net shape geometry; reverse engineering; creating an RP model; and then investing that actually in the plaster itself--much like lost wax or traditional investment casting process but by a plaster mold--to produce a part like this.

In this case an Aerologix {part}...fairly complex geometry with a lot of intersecting passageways and ports that are cored out in production to produce a part like this {casting shown}. In a finished configuration {this part would be} in the realm of a couple of thousand dollars and one to two week time frame versus traditionally tooled Rubber Plaster Mold part...with tooling in the $7,000 to $10,000 range and a four to five week lead time.

We've greatly reduced the upfront cost and most importantly the time-to-market as well for our customer, which is another added advantage that we feel we can offer within our casting manufacturing processes at Armstrong RM.

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