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Case Study: Reaction Injection Molding for Overmolded Parts


Hello, my name is Ed Mackessy, and I am the operations manager here for the plastics division at Armstrong RM.

Today, I'd like to give you a brief overview of a project that we did for a customer of our's. They came to us with some very specific problems, and we provided an application to solve them.

They needed a hard-shelled, inner and outer cover that provided thermal insulation. For the inner cover we took a Kydex vacuum-formed part, and on top of that part we molded a six-pound density polyurethane foam. This foam provides the thermal insulation that they were looking for. The vacuum formed part provides the hard inner shell...and it's cleanable.

We laminated those two parts to a reaction injection molded polyurethane outer shell which we finished, painted and textured. And we came up with a three-piece composite part that provides all their needs: the outer shell -- very rigid; the inner shell -- cleanable, also rigid; and the urethane foam in the center providing the thermal capabilities.

This product has been running right along; about 100 pieces annually. And the customer has been very pleased with it.

I'd like to thank you for watching this YouTube video.

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